2010 26 Mar

5 moduri in care site-ul dvs. va poate scuti de plati extra

Minimizarea costurilor de servicii clienti

Clientii dvs. au, probabil, intrebari despre produsele si serviciile dvs. Nu ar fi frumos daca cineva le-ar putea raspunde pentru tine? Daca anticipati aceste intrebari si oferiti raspunsuri adecvate, site-ul dvs. va fi bucuros sa va ajute in acest sens. Pe masura ce afacerea dvs. se dezvolta, puteti minimiza cheltuiala cu o echipa mare de relatii clienti sau a call-center-ului pentru a raspunde la aceste intrebari.

Reduce the load on your sales team

Website-ul dvs. poate fi un factor important al echipei dvs. de vanzari, muncind din greu cu o eficienta rezonabila. De fapt, website-ul dvs. poate oferi demonstratii online ajutand in acest fel clientii sa aprecieze produsele si serviciile dvs.

Diminuarea bugetului alocat materialelor promotionale

Printing and distributing glossy promotional materials can be a substantial marketing investment. What happens when you need to update? The stock you have becomes redundant, and what’s worse is that you have to reprint! Avoid this whole scenario by using your website as your core marketing tool. Direct customers to your website. Provide information about your products and services that you can change as necessary and without the expense of a new print run!

Advertise your business at a fraction of the cost

Your website can be promoted through the search engines to generate a response from your desired customers. Compare the value for money of a website against other forms of promotion or advertising.

Media Availability Branding Interactive Approximate cost
Search Engine Optimised Website Always High Yes €3,000 and up
Yellow Pages Display Ad 1 Year Low No €3,000 and up
Daily Newspaper Ad 1 Day High No €5,000 and up
Glossy Magazine Ad 1 Week or 1 Month High No €10,000 and up
Radio Ad Campaign On broadcast Low No €20,000 and up
TV Ad Campaign On broadcast High No €50,000 and up

Save money on a business expansion

Even the most complicated of e-commerce solutions can be less expensive to set up and maintain than an actual bricks and mortar store. If you’re looking to expand beyond your current location, and your products are suited to on-line shoppers, what better way to expand than to offer products online?

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